House Rules.

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Solid Rock

By entering The Revival, you indicate to be aware of and agree with the following house rules drawn up by Studio Shelter:


  • Everybody that enters The Revival must be in possession of a valid ticket bought in pairs (2) via our website  and will be scanned upon entrance. 
  • Studio Shelter  reserves the right to deny a visitor access at all times.
  • Entering the event grounds is at your own risk, the organisation cannot be held responsible for missing and/or damaged possessions, as well as any physical damages of visitors, participants, staff and volunteers.
  • There is no minimum age for The Revival. However adult supervision is mandatory for children under 18 years of age. In addition, we ask everyone to bring a valid proof of identification (ID, passport or driver’s license). 
  • The Revival is accessible for disabled visitors. Toilets for disabled visitors are also provided. Wheelchairs and crutches are allowed.
  • Visitors under obvious influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be denied entrance at The Revival. 
  • Bikes, scooters, cars and space shuttles are not allowed on the event grounds and need to be left at the parking(s) indicated via 
  • Instruction by organisation and staff are to be followed at all times.
  • Troublesome behaviour can lead to removal from The Revival. 
  • It is forbidden to carry: glass, can, weapons of any kind (or objects that may be considered as those), and drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • Bags, backpacks and such may be checked by security for presence of those objects.
  • Photo devices (such as iPhones, and pocket-cameras) are allowed during the Revival, to be used without flash, selfie sticks are not allowed as the view of other visitors should stay as good as possible.
  • It’s prohibited to bring (semi) professional camera equipment to the event, unless you’re told to. You can contact us via: to apply for a press accreditation. This is also due safety measures for own sake as professional lasers, light and video-equipment is being used. 
  • Using cameras (in any kind of form) during The Revival are on own responsibilities, as laser,  light and video equipment could damage your inside chip of the camera, that could potentially destroy the ability to Take future photos / videos. 
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol under 18 years old. 
  • Smoking is allowed during The Revival, however only outside. Do mind your neighbours. 
  • Animals and pets  are not allowed on the event grounds.
  • If you kow you’re sensitive to epilepsy, be aware as we are using professional light, lasers en video equipment that can trigger your neuronal activities into possibly seizures.  
  • Without permission of the organisation, it is not allowed to sell goods, hand out flyers or samples during, before and after The Revival. 
  • When leaving, take the residents into account, it is not allowed to take food and drinks with you.
  • If somebody does not comply with these rules, he or she can be refused entrance or be asked to leave the grounds.
  • Cancellations or restitution of bought tickets is not possible. Studio Shelter works with a non-refund policy, unless the event is being canceled due reasons such as; bad weather, fire, cancelling by artists, corona etc. 
  • If The Revival is cancelled entirely as a result of or in connection with force majeure before it has started, Studio Shelter will reimburse the purchase amount (excluding fees) of the admission Ticket. The visitor cannot claim any (damage) compensation from the Studio Shelter other than the refund of the purchase amount. Refunds will only be made after the visitor has issued an original, valid and undamaged admission Ticket to Studio Shelter. In other cases,there is no entitlement to a refund.
  • You can find more information here: 
  • During The Revival, photo and film recordings can be made on behalf of (or with an accreditation) of Studio Shelter. The Visitor explicitly agrees that visual and / or sound recordings will be made on and around the Site of visitors (and therefore possibly also of the visitor) of the event and that these will be distributed or exploited via all possible media forms.


Corona extra:


  • The Revival can only be entered when applying a digital form using the app were you conduct a digital check-up via you own phone about your current health and enter one or more personal data. No complaints? Then you will  receive a green card. Show this to the staff of the location and entrance is permitted. Personal data will only be used in case of outbreaks / emergency. 
  • Seating will be assigned via Studio Shelter and staff will accompany you to the appointed seat. This will be completely randomized, but you will sit amongst the same person that you bought the ticket with. 
  • Keep your distance! 1,5 meters must kept always away from others. 
  • Avoid busy places and watch the (floor)markings as you enter The Revival!
  • Disinfection is required before entrance. A hygiene station will be supplied by Studio Shelter.
  • Drinks and bites can be ordered via an QR-Code as displayed on your chair. 
  • You have to remain seated during the The Revival as it is an seated-only-experience.A small pillow can be brought. 
  • Toilets can only be used before, during the pause and after the show.
  • Please remain seated when you don’t need to use the toilet.
  • Screaming, Loudly singing along and dancing are strictly forbidden. Mad fist-pumps are allowed. 
  • Make sure to use the appointed walking routes. 
  • Use common sense! Only together we can make events like this happen again!